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Our 60ft yacht for the day, Harvest Moon

How we spent our day at Saint Tropez

Top of the morning, pulling into the Port of Saint Tropez and...

Steve and Will up top

The Fudges in Saint Tropez

Nikki and I after eating our chocolate crossaints

Waiting patiently to eat breakfast

Watching the sunset off the coast of Cannes, toasting to a wonderful...

Today was our last day in the Cote d' Azur, during dinner at the resort the night before we (Nikki and I) were told we needed to leave the house no later than 8am today. Lars the owner of our villa had stated Saint Tropez is extremely difficult to get to with traffic and suggested we take the ferry the last 14km to avoid being stuck in trace for hours. Well, this morning we awoke on time and were ready to go at 8. We arrive to a beachside community and park in a lot next to where we believe the ferry is rumored to be docked. Nikki and I are looking around trying to figure out where this "ferry" is located. Steve makes a phone call to "Lars" and he tells us we parked in the wrong lot. So we all pile back into our little 1 series BMW hatchback and drive up the road a bit.

We get a gate and there is a cheery gentleman on a Vespa waving us through the gate of a marina's parking lot. He directs us where to park and helps us with our beach bags. Now mind you we were told that we were going to the beach. As we are walking we end up in front of a yacht which we are then informed is ours for the day and is our mode of transportation to Saint Tropez. Here is a picture of our ride lol

. After boarding we were provided with crossaints, fruit, and tea, quite a tasty breakfast.

After arriving to the port we disembarked and wandered aimlessly through the streets, browsing the different shops, per our Captain we had a hour before needing to head back to the boat for the next item on our itinerary.

Our next stop was lunch on the beach at the famous "Le Club 55" followed by drinks at "Nikki beach"

what a fantastic day! We had to "pole vault" into the tender to be reunited with our crew and boat. Nikki and I decided to lay out on the boat and take a nap while we cruised to our next location.

Our last and final location was off the coast of Cannes

we had smoked salmon, mussels, crab, anchovies, fresh vegetables, hummus, shrimp, an assortment of crackers and chips and of course champagne.

After the sunset we headed back to the marina to say our goodbyes to our fantastic crew and wonderful yacht.

We returned to the villa to say goodnight and pack. Nikki and Steve are returning to the states while Will and I are headed to Paris for 6 days to continue our anniversary celebration. We hope you continue to enjoy this adventure with us.

Chelci and Will

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