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Presents from grandparents are always exciting!

Ice cream cake edged with Timtams, with Will's own effort to draw...

Catching up with old school friends from Mitchie

Alice enjoying the reunion too

One dog each ...

Arry ... Daphne's host for the rest of the year


Yes, we're still in Cairns. It's kinda hard to leave when we've really been enjoying hanging out with Andrew and Simone and the boys.

Today was supposed to be the day we ventured out onto the Great Barrier Reef - the one thing that Pip specifically requested we do on our whole trip. When we woke to a very windy (and somewhat wet) morning we had to abandon those plans, and moseyed round Cairns getting a few things done instead. The cousins were back at school today, making it feel a little more like we're doing something more than just a regular holiday. For the second day in a row however, we got to spend some time with some friends who used to live in Brisbane. Pip and Ella were school friends at Mitchie and Sal and Lizzie were walking buddies for a while. The kids (and adults) really enjoyed catching up the last couple of days.

Saturday was Will's eighth birthday. Pancakes for breakfast, presents, sweet and sour pork for dinner, and an ice cream cake, not to mention having a few cousins to share the whole day with - Will gave the impression he had a pretty good day!

The plan is to bite the bullet and move on tomorrow. Not exactly sure yet whether we'll head a bit further north or start making our way west towards Darwin. It'll be a bit sad saying bye to Daphne, but she does seem to enjoy it here with Arry and we know it'll make us a lot more flexible travelling without her.

All going to plan, the next post will be from another location!

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