Bottle Tree

Kerosene Tin Hut

Morven Caravan Park

Safety Control Officer

Happy Hour Visitor

It's on to Morven now, a whole 45ks up the road.

Found the Morven Recreation Area which was said to have had power and water but even though we were there around 10am all those sites were taken so we camped over on the side of the billabong which we found to be better in the long run as it was quieter and there was more room anyway.

We set up camp and then walked into town. A bit of history for you now:

Morven is on the Warrego Highway and was originally known as Saddlers Waterhole and named after Captain T. J. Sadlier, who camped with his wife at the waterhole on Hamburg Creek.

They have a newsagent, hotel/motel, small supermarket, school and hospital. Not bad for a little out of the way country town.

We paid a visit to the local Historical Museum and it is surprising just how much of the stuff in there we could identify with. Does that mean we are getting old and "histerical" too. LOL.

Out the back is the largest bottle tree I have seen yet and also a replica hut made out of kerosene tins. Even the furniture was made out of tins. There is also the original rabbit gate which used to be on the road on the Roma side of the town and there were hefty fines if you went through and left it open.

I'm glad we aren't staying at the "caravan park" as the amenities leave a lot to be desired although the men's conveniences does have hot water.

We had some visitors while we were having happy hour, three of them in total and rather interesting to watch. Filled in some time anyway.

Rob just HAS to try out the kiddie playground wherever we go. He says it's for safety concerns for the children, but I'll let you be the judge of that. LOL

It's rather a pretty little town really and worth the stay.


It rained fairly steady all night and and the fact that we are camped out in the middle of the recreation area it might be a tad messy getting out.

We packed up and started off in low range just to be on the safe side. Good thing too as we did a couple of "Slipperies" on the way out.

There has been a lot of "road-kill" on this trip, kangaroos, wallaby and the odd pig thrown in for variety. The eagles, kites and crows are having a smorgasbord and don't seem particularly deterred by any passing traffic.

It rained all the way to Charleville which is a bit of a worry for us but a blessing to the locals as it is very dry out this way.

Greg and Caz turned off and went out to the Cobb & Co van park and we went to Rob's daughter Erin's place where we will stay for the three nights we will be here.

We did a few measurements and what with the state of the weather and everything we decided to go out to the Cobb & Co as well.

When we booked in we picked a site opposite Gnome and Caz and proceeded to set up while walking around in two inches of water but at least we have more room to move here where we would have been very restricted at Erin's.

Tomorrow we will probably go into town and have a look at the local museum which we didn't get time to do the last twice we were in Charleville.

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