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Day 6: Tuesday 2 April 2013

Windorah to Birdsville along the Birdsville Development Road/ Sunny and hot

Day 6 of our quest

As today was a big day of our quest we got up early and welcomed this big day ahead of us. We had 400km to complete. We stopped at JC hotel ruins which sounded quite interesting but instead was a heap of bricks on the ground. We kept on driving and saw dead pig, cows, emus, kangaroos and Brahman cows. Up this big hill was this look out that overlooked the desert, when we saw it was absolutely stunning but the pit toilet up the hill had no door. It was embarrassing to go there but when you need to go you need to go! We took several pictures then continued with our quest. In the middle of the day we stopped for lunch and the flies were insufferable so we had a 2min lunch break and jumped back into the car.

After a while we got to our destination, Birdsville. We looked at the tourist centre and set camp near a lake. Alex and Wayne put their yabby trap in and Wayne caught a yabby and Alex caught a prawn but they let it go. We went to the bakery and got a milkshake and the lady brought out a lamington and candle to celebrate David Atkins birthday. When we got back there was so much open ground so I decided to run laps to stretch my legs. We went out to Birdsville pub for dinner as a treat.

After that we were exhausted and went straight to bed. So that was the end of day 6 of our quest.

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