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Today we took a Bus Trip offered by Winter Ranch. We stepped on the bus with a bunch of friends from the Hawkeye Camping Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at 8:30 AM. Our bus driver, Jack Hulsey, drove us over to Mission, Texas where the Riverside Club is. The Riverside Club is a popular place to eat and dance on the weekends. The owner also bought a boat called The Riverside Dreamer that he captains and he gives tours of the an area of the Rio Grande River.

It was a gorgeous day for a boat ride with beautiful blue skies and a slight breeze. We headed down river first and the Captain gave us a lot of interesting facts about the things we saw along the river especially the areas where the flood of 2010 destroyed many buildings along the river and also changed the course of the river.

We took the boat down to the Anzalduas Dam and then we headed up river past the Riverside Club and almost to the Rio Bensten Palm State Park. We were lucky enough today to get a few pictures of birds and a great one of an Osprey who was sitting on a dead tree in the water. We also saw another osprey, white pelicans, a little blue heron, an egret and vultures circling over a field,

When we finished the boat tour, we all headed into the Riverside Club and had lunch. Mickey was the only one at our table who ordered something other than the tenderloin that the Riverside Club is famous for. He ordered shrimp, his favorite almost every time we go out. I took a picture of the tenderloin. It is not only huge, it is also meaty. We have found our favorite tenderloin place in Texas! I could only eat the outside and I took the part on the 5" bun home to have for another meal. Lee managed to eat all of his. I don't know how!!

On the way back, Jack stopped at the ruins of St. Peter Novitiate which was wrecked in a fire in 2009. They are now in the process of tearing it down brick by brick. We turned around in their driveway and headed back home. I took a couple pictures of fields along the way. They were growing cabbages and other vegetables.

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