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Feb. 10

It's a rainy day in paradise so after breakfast, we decided to go snorkelling first since one gets wet anyway. We paddled around watching the sea lions play, seeing lots of pretty fish and stingrays. Everyone else was back on the boat and I was dawdling as it was just so nice. Suddenly a turtle swam in front of me so I bolted after it and swam with it for a while and got some great video and pictures. Back at the boat I discovered many had been watching the turtle and I and were surprised at how fast I could swim. Lol. I didn't want to get out but it was time for the next activity.

We hopped into pangas and climbed the rocks and mud on Santa Fe. It rarely rains here so we're just lucky. I'm so glad we brought cheap ponchos as I could still bring my big camera and keep it dry. We saw different land iguanas, mockingbirds and other birds endemic to Santa Fe.

Back on the boat, we sailed for Plazas Islands, just off the coast of Santa Cruz. Some of us played cards and I lost at hearts and shithead. Someone's got to lose. :) After another amazing lunch with a tree tomato in jello for desert we headed off to South Plaza Island. Upon leaving the panga it was like an obstacle course trying to get around the sea lions. We're starting to get used to the smell. Sea lions reek! The Plazas are covered in a colourful succulent which provides food for the land iguanas as well as huge cactus that were full of yellow flowers, a bonus to being here in the rainy season. We managed to catch the mating dance of a couple of iguanas and two different bird species. There were many birds and iguanas and I stepped on a tail of one iguana before I saw it. It didn't lose it's tail but did run away squealing.

The crew of the Daphne are wonderful. They're always smiling and enjoy our efforts at Spanish and play some raucous domino games when not busy. David is our guide when we snorkel and often gets just as excited as we do when spotting creatures. He's admitted to making things up when he doesn't know the answer to various questions and struggles to learn english. The cook dresses for dinner in a vest and tie which is really sweet and amusing since we're in trekking clothes, usually shorts and tee shirts and often wet. Manaya says her hair has been wet so long she's afraid it's starting to smell.

Tonight's lesson was on the iguanas in the Galapagos, where they came from, how they've adapted, and how they continue to change.

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