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pub crawl

my fave! apple lift

our mates romel and pat (my bro)

Another lengthy bus ride later we find ourselves in sunny....sorry rainy berlin.

We go out for dinner to a German restaurant with some pals we made in our hostel room. Introducing; Paddy, 18 y.o from NZ doing a gap year at a school in London. I have dubbed him my Lil bro Andy for now. Rommel, a 22 y.o. from QLD....just travelling doing his thang. Amber a 19 y.o. ginger head from sydney whos a dental technician, overseas for a month before uni goes back.

As ,much as I wanted to delve into the many delicacies Germany had to offer, I couldn't go past the classic marg pizza. I also have a thing for apple beverages/ice cream/lollies so was ecstatic to find that Germany had apple lift!

We ended up at maccas with sundaes and thickshakes galore (another 1e delight). We had a good time with our new mates chatting for a while before we hit they hay.

The next morn nitz and laura went for am early morning run (psychos! i have been meaning to run but get to tired from all these bloody walking tours!).

Today we were going to the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp, about an hour out of berlin by train. Guess what.....It was raining :)

Arriving there and walking through the big entrance into the roll call area was quite confronting. Although most of the bunkers and buildings were no longer standing, it was easy to imagine how the prisoners must have felt back in the day having no idea where they were or what was in front of them for the next how ever many years. This camp was used predominantly for men,mostly political leaders. It did house some women and children towards the end. It was mostly a labour camp, not a death camp, however thousands of people died here, either from sickness or being shot for disobeying the rules or in a 'medical experiment'. The bunk houses had enough for 140 people to sleep in, but by then end of the war there were in excess of 500 people per bunk house. Okay in the winter but imagine the summer! I really enjoyed getting an insight into what life was life for those unfortunate enough to end up in Sachsenhausen.

That night we headed up the infamous Berlin pub crawl! There were about 100 of us, mostly busabouters which was good so we knew quite a few peops.

We got given free 'schnapps' at each pub with "barley enough alcohol to drown a fly"....quote laura.

Our friend Rommel was such a character! He'd had a few and was in his element, introducing us to new people and showing me up on the dancefloor! Good qual.

We ended the night eating kebabs...or in my case with a refreshing beverage of apple lift. mmmmmm so gooood!

The breaky didnt do much for me the next juice for starters and no cereal that really took my fancy....(i learnt from this and rebelliously didnt pay the next morn...)

That arvo we went on a walking tour lead by our main man kenny.....he was a scotish guy from glascow. As well as being a tour guide he was also a published author in 11 different countries. His book was called (insert name here) and the title was (insert title here) soz kids. He showed us all the sites berlin had on offer. My faves were visiting the Berlin wall and visiting the site of Hitlers bunker where he and his wife killed themselves when they realised they had lost the war. It was again raining for this tour.

As we arrived back home i snuck downstairs to steal a jumper i had spotted a couple of days before...we were about to go out to dinner with our babfs* (see previous blog for translation) when Nitz came running down the stairs yelling 'i've been robbed!' We were all shocked and raced back upstairs to the scene of the crime. Indeed...Nitz and Lau had been robbed! They took Janes ipad and some euros from both her and lau :( we're still not sure how it happened as they had a lock and put a downer on things.

Lau and I shouted Indian for Nitz which was quite tasty and a nice meal to end our time in Berlin......

Prague here we come

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