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So today, I explored my history as an American. We went to this place, Jamestown, where they recreated an early settlement and showed it to us; looked pretty realistic, minus the entrance building and the gift shop. We went on a tour - an hour and a half! It was pretty long, considering we only had to walk a half a mile; there were totem poles, teepee's and ships. (Oh my!) After that, we had lunch in the park nearby, then we went shopping, then home and rested. Once back at the ranch, we went to the pool, which was pretty cool (pardon the pun). But there were all kinds of rules; the pool that went deeper than 5 feet was only for people 18 and over, the hot tub was for 16 and over, and the other two pools were kiddie pools. The one we stayed in only went about 3 to 5 feet deep. The best part there was that there was an inflatable movie screen, and they were going to show Journey 2. I didn't really want to see it, and neither did Cosmo, but my dad and Sam wanted to, didn't happen though. We all ended up eating dinner and just hanging out before bed.

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