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Monday, the 28th about 4:00 pm.

Just checked in to Little Creek Casino about 5 miles south of Shelton, Washington. I left the motorcycle races about a half an hour ago because it was cloudy, cold and spitting rain. They were half way through the last race of the weekend - a 6 hour endurance race, but I couldn't endure it any longer! Now that I'm at the casino however (about 15 miles south of the track) the sun's out and the perpetual west wind has died down!

All in all it was great racing. These guys (some as old as me) were hitting 160 miles per hour at the end of the front straight. It's a great road course with turns that mimic some of the best courses in the world (including the famous "Corkscrew" from Laguna Seca (I think that's how you spell it) in California. The racing buffs among you will know what I'm talking about.

I took the Harley into Shelton yesterday after the races for some groceries and was looking forward to a BBQ with the RVer/racer that had invited me there, but it started to rain so we called it off had a drink and called it a night! (These racers are no fun, I'm going to start hanging out with the fans.)

Anyway, the good news about the casino is that they've already paid me $10 cash (just because I'm such a nice guy) and a dollar off a $5 Keno ticket and $3 off a meal, should I choose to eat here.

I'll let you know how much money I made tomorrow if I manage to make it through Tacoma and Seattle again on my way north up the I5 towards BC. (That's never a given!)

Til then...


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