Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

2 very strange looking train cars

Beautiful flowers in the CA-99 median...

...but they're ripping them all out.

Heading up into the pine forests

Just beautiful scenery as far as one can see

Going back down

That's an old timey wooden train track

Coming into Reno

Welcome to Carson City

Our campsite at Camp N Town

I love the old houses

Another aged beauty

The Old (brick building behind) and the New-ish (casino)

The Governor's mansion

One of the murals on the old buildings

Another mural

Today was a "long driving" day...from Chowchilla, CA on CA-99 up to Sacramento where we picked up I-80 towards Reno, NV. Passed trucks of bagged onions and other loads of loose white onions. While in California, it appeared to be mile after of ag land. I guess we don't want California to fall into the ocean after all.

Boy, did we drive through some beautiful areas as the road rose from 39 feet in Sacramento to 6100' near Truckee, CA. From there, we drove through what I consider high meadow areas that were just fantastic. I-80 crosses the Sierra crest at "Donner Summit" (at 7,240 feet) about two miles north of Donner Pass. We continued on through the forests around Lake Tahoe and on into Nevada to Reno.

In Reno, we dropped south on US 395 and arrived at the Camp N Town RV Park in Carson City, the capital of Nevada, around 5:15. Today was a 7 hour drive but we stopped at a rest area for 20 minutes and another stop for 15 minutes to refuel so it broke it up a bit.

Bunk and Brenda had driven in to Reno day before yesterday and drove down to meet us and took us out to dinner at the Fox Brew Pub and Restaurant in town. We had the nicest waitress that reminded us all of Abbey on NCIS! And oh, was the food good! They told use there were all sorts of good geocaches around town so we're set. We did stop for two caches on the way back to the RV park.

We decided it would be easier for them to meet us in Virginia City tomorrow instead of having them come all the way to Carson City to pick us up then back up to Virginia City.

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