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Bunda cliffs eastern end of the 800km length

At the head of the Bight

Whale and Calf

Subway at the Head of the Bight.....

Ceduna – Head of the Bight – Border Village

A longish drive today but worth it. We stopped at the Nullarbor Roadhouse and as Frank Thornton aka Captain Peacock would say “it is le rip off totale” so we drove on to the border. So Yes the answer to the question “are we there yet” is a loud resounding “we are not sure”. We stopped about 100 metres short of the border security check point at the Caravan Park where we are now cooking the remainder of our veg for dinner to go with our Binalong Sausages. A point worth noting when you travel from east to west. We are however on WA time……. So in one respect we are “there” we just have to complete the “formalities” at the check point. They can be very savage on us “eastern staters” they don’t want us diluting their gene pool.

Drove in to the Head of the Bight hoping to see a whale and there were about a dozen lolling around, some had calves with them, one was lying on its back, one way out to sea was doing head stands with just its tail visible. A most interesting diversion, we stopped for lunch. Well laid out and maintained and probably worth the $12/head admission….. The coastal scenery here is spectacular, dramatic, stunning - I’ve run out of superlatives, no wonder the whales come here.

Diesel so far hasn’t been so highly priced (except at Nullarbor $1.95) around $1.45.

The only other concern I have is with the rear vision camera on the back of the van, seems to muck up when it has worked out that we are a 1000km from the nearest Jaycar to get a replacement, they don’t seem to last long being bounced around on the back of the van, I did bring a spare with me though…..

We got to the Border Village and the clocks in my phone changed and in the Navman to WA time so we actually arrived 2 hours earlier, giving us time to set up the chairs outside and have afternoon tea at 2:30.

Now this Null = no Arbor = trees thing is not so true. I can assure you there are fewer trees on the Hay Plains; the drive today was through very lush looking low scrub with drifts of trees here and there. We did pass some spectacular places to stop overnight on the way back when we won’t need a heater at night.

What is interesting is that we have TV reception, no water, some power, no mobile but 3G internet.

Yes I know the map shows us at Eucla but that's 10K further on.

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