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View from our Hotel of the obelisk

The world's widest street

Gathering in the lobby of the Pan Americano Hotel - the glitzy,...

A palermo shop



Interesting decoration.

Bar 6 where we had a coffee with Sonia

Inside bar 6

Sonia and Anne and Tom

Barb, Marilyn, and Marie with their last minute purchases.

Now we are on our own!

Since we have had two guides on this trip, some of the group went off early with Daniel for bird watching and the rest of us went a bit later with Sonia to Palermo - a great shopping area. Anne & Tom are staying in Palermo for the five days before the Antarctica segment of the trip begins. Before we began the shopping tour with Sonia, we dropped our luggage off at our hotel, "Fierro Hotel Boutique." How convenient!

We walked by many shops and Sonia pointed out the best places to buy leather, get ice-cream, and some of her favorite restaurants. This was a great orientation for all of us, and the others in the group went off to find last minute treasures, while a couple of us had a coffee with Sonia, before we said one last goodbye

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