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Learning sooo much it's almost overload on my little brain. The more I practice tho the easier it will get I'm sure.

Today is Sayaka's last day with us :( she is such a sweetie we are all going to miss her bunches. She had her last private class with Baan (the teachers sister in law) and worked on Christopher, Homprang's husband and gave him a full 2 hour massage.

Holly and I helped her carry her things down to the truck and then hopped in and rode with her to see her off at the airport. I hate saying goodbye. But I have a random feeling that i'll be seeing this fabulous lady again soon so it wasn't as hard to say bye to her!

On the way home we stopped by a store to check currency exchange rates and to grab a sim card for a phone I got so I'll try it later n see if it works or not. All in all a good day.

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