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There were ducks on the pond this morning

A military installation - possibly part of Ft. Irwin Desert Warfare Training...


Trains in Barstow

New Hwy 58 out of Barstow - big improvement for 20 miles...

Mine tailings & Borax processing in Boron

Joshua Tree cacti in the Mojave Desert

Wind machine & solar installations near Mojave

Some people don't see any beauty in the desert - we find...

More Joshua Trees as we approach Tehachapi Pass

Wind machines on Tehachapi Pass

Headed down the other side of the pass

Seeing the fog, going thru the fog & then under the fog...

Big fruit stand outside Bakersfield

Orange grove, vineyard, nut & fruit trees

Beautiful orange tree in a backyard

California oil wells

Almond orchard for miles! - almond huller (piles are almond hulls)

Coming into a valley between the Central Valley & the coast

Cattle enjoying the fresh grass on the hillsides

A vineyard (nice house!) & a winery entrance near Paso Robles

Back to the Pacific!

Big waves at Pismo Beach

Home at the Gaddis/Hilton ranch

Lily with Mr Moo & Red (a ram)

We got out early today - 8:15. Not used to the 2-hr time change we have since Louisiana so we wake up early. The first half of our journey today was Mojave Desert - not too much to see. The Joshua Trees were impressive tho!

As we descended Tehachapi Pass we noticed the hills starting to turn green from the recent rains. Closer down to the Central Valley, we first had a view of fog from above it & then descended thru the fog into the valley. We were reminded why we don't like the California Central Valley in the winter. Once we hit the valley floor visibility was OK for driving but it was gray. We saw some orange trees with ripe fruit but most of the groves have already been picked. West of Bakersfield are miles & miles of nut trees. Lots of almonds evidently because we passed 2 almond huller plants with huge piles of crushed almond hulls. We saw a truck being loaded with the hulls at one plant.

The closer we got to the coast the greener the hills became. The orange groves & nut orchards gave way to vineyards. And then we were at the Pacific Ocean - & beautiful blue skies & sunshine!

We made it Norma & Danny's place with no problems - praise God! Good to be back with family for awhile. And we have a lovely place to park with flowers outside our window & a steer & a goat ram living in the field behind us.

We won't be posting as often as we have been but there will be ... more later...

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