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Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Kyle and I came back early today in order to make it back in time for class. It was a bit of a close call though because there was a late start due to complications with the starter. I haven't missed so much as 5 minutes of a lecture or tutorial and so I am pretty proud of myself for that. Kristine stayed until later on in the day and was able to go to the zoo and take some amazing pictures of the bridge and opera house from a different perspective.

All in all I had the most amazing trip I have ever had in my life. I was on cloud nine the entire time I was there. I never thought it was possible to have had that much fun in such a big city. We got what we needed to get done during the day and were able to enjoy their night life too. The weather couldn't have been any better and I didn't have a mouth piece in the back seat belly aching the entire time. I don't think I have ever walked that much in my life. I feel like we covered every square inch of Sydney!

The last trip I plan on taking is going to be at the very very end of my stay here. If everything works out Kristine and I are going to fly to Cairns and spent a few nights on a boat where I will be able to snorkel and she will scuba dive. After that we would like to rent a car and drive north to see some pretty rainforests and a waterfall. The only thing that I will be unable to do while I am here is experience the outback. Who knows, maybe I will be able to fit it in some how.

Congratulations to all of you guys at home that have gotten engaged recently. I think I've received an email every day this week informing me of another engagement!

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