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Cyclone on the second day there....

The SIgatoka bridge broke - again

Yay - coconut

Beautiful warm water all the time. Seriously every single day.



I befreind bartenders because I like alcohol.

The bridge

Ahhhh Beautiful Fiji.

Ok I am a little biased but I have reason to be - the water is perfectly warm all year long and you get amazing tropical produces and friendly people. Fiji is not as it is shown in the ads - maybe in the hotels but if you intend to stay in a Western hotel in your hotel in Fiji you might as well not go. It is a developing country and you will encounter the usual suspects - overcharging taxi-drivers, shop keepers that harass, and constant proposals for marriage (I kid you not) but if you are a seasoned traveler you will love it.

Take the buses and do go in the markets. Take part in the village tours to see the traditional way of life. The native Fijian villages are an assembly of bures and the village has a chief and visitors are treated with utmost respect in Fiji. Having said that don't get stupid and flash your expensive things around. It has a mixed population of native Fijian, Indians (Indo-Fijians - like me) and Chinese (yes Chinese!). So you will find AMAZING FOOD. Do try 'lovo' -its food cooked in an underground urn and its a delicacy, try the cream buns at Hot Cross Buns Kitchen and if you make it to an Indian household try the duck and goat curry. The seafood is unlike any other you have tasted. Fiji is an amazing adventure of your taste buds, to experience different cultures, and the perfect setting with white sand and sparkling blue waters.

Try it Rating: Why are you still reading this? Go book a ticket now and remember to invest int he local economy because hotels are owned by overseas companies so locals hardly get any of the revenue from tourism.

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