2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

We watched the moon rise over the Mesquite trees

Mesquite flowers

Henry hard at work

Cottontail rabbit on the run


The park had lots of Mesquite and Juniper trees and hills

Unidentified wildflower

Interesting rock formations in the park

Another rock formation

Closer view of some of the rocks

Prickly Pear Cactus flower

Whitey, one of the Texas Longhorns

Lonestar - The Texas Longhorns in the park are descendants of the...

Another Texas Longhorn

Ranger Martin Sanchez getting a Longhorn Kiss - that's a treat in...

Longhorn Kiss

Beth feeding one of the Longhorns

Another Longhorn kiss

Beth with Tex

Henry and Beth with the herd

Some of them weren't afraid of us

Most of the herd at the park

The lake in the park

We saw a Painted Bunting - Henry got this picture of him

The cottontail rabbits liked to hang out around the campground

A Mountain Cottontail - they are smaller than the other cottontails

We finally started heading north when we left Terrell. The land was mostly flat with few trees except for Mesquite and Juniper. We saw a few oil rigs and lots of cattle and horses. When we got close to the state park we started to see red cliffs.

We spent 2 nights at Copper Breaks State Park in northwest Texas. The park got its name from the gray-green streaks of raw copper that line the rust colored mini-canyons and arroyos. There used to be copper mining in the area. Mesquite and Juniper trees are the main trees here. There are lots of different wildflowers blooming. We enjoyed watching cottontail rabbits running through the campground. We saw one of the Painted Buntings that were migrating through the area.

The highlight of our stay was getting to see the Texas Longhorns. The Texas Longhorns were developed from cattle brought here by the Spanish. The state of Texas has an official Texas longhorn herd. Most of the herd is at a different state park but Copper Breaks has about 10 in a special fenced in pasture. We didn't see any of the herd and asked the rangers where we could see them. He said he would call them for us. We had a private viewing of the Longhorns! They were in a small fenced in area next to a barn. When we got there some of them came right up to the fence to check us out. Some of them were very curious and others just stood back and watched from a distance. The ranger brought out a bucket of treats for them. I got to pet them and feed them. It was great!

Diesel was $3.89 per gallon.

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