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Carpe Diem at Pecan Park "Resort" RV
The pad was so narrow we...

Mouse "ears" power tower
Seen off I4 in Orlando near Disneyland—where else???

Rainy Jacksonville (again)
Seems it always rains when we visit Jacksonville

Carpe at Cummins Power South
Solving generator coolant leak

Courtesy parking at Cummins Power South
These are very nice folks and very...

Gater BBQ in Jacksonville
A delicious "find" in an out of the way...

Gater BBQ in Jacksonville
Beef brisket, collard greens, & cole slaw... Yummy!

Gater BBQ in Jacksonville
Bob trying to decide which BBQ sauce to try...

A moderately long drive from Wauchula to Jacksonville (north side of town). We're glad we did this 241 mile run on a Sunday as the weekend Orlando traffic was bad enough. We experienced some high winds, but the rain held off until we were parked, leveled, and plugged in. Sometimes it works out...

We'll be here for a few days while Sandi checks in at the Mayo Clinic. If all goes well we'll be "sprung" in a few days (we hope). Meanwhile, we'll use some "down time" to try and catch up with our lives. Tax extension went in the mail, so one worry postponed for a while.

Mon, 28 Mar: Today we drove into Jacksonville to buy a thermal overload diode for our Atwood water heater. For some reason the installed diode died on us Friday nite and we had no hot water (neither LP nor AC would work). We bypassed the diode (put a penny under the fuse) so we could have hot showers, but monitored it carefully and don't leave it running unattended. When we got back it was pouring rain so we'll install the new part later in the week.

Following our stop at the RV parts store we visited Costco (KaChing!) and then Bob treated Sandi to hot wings at Hooters. Amazing how easily she's satisfied...

Mon, 04 Apr: OK, time for catch up. Sandi visited the Mayo Clinic last Tuesday and, as expected, the medicos ordered several tests and procedures, all of which were completed last week (we'd like to know of any socialized medicine system that can match that...) Today we heard from the doc who advised that all is OK. We'll be seeing him tomorrow afternoon for some "tweaking" of meds, and then (hopefully) we'll hit the road on Wednesday.

Our Wednesday travels should be brief, only a few miles to the local Onan generator service facility. We've noted some coolant leaking from our generator so we'll have them check it out before we head out...

Wed, 06 Apr: All is on schedule and working out... Don't you just love it when it happens that way?

Sandi's Mayo visit yesterday went very well with the doc "tweaking" her medications and agreeing to work with her via phone as we travel. She feels much better just getting that good news. Yesterday started out pretty dismal with major thunderstorms passing through the Jacksonville area (actually most of the south) at dawn which really snarled traffic. We watched it on the local television as we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and a second cuppa tea. One of retirement's greatest joys...

This morning we had a windshield service company out to check out a leak we'd discovered during last week's rains. He peeled back the weatherstripping at the top of the windshield and recaulked. Time will tell if his repairs are successful.

We left the RV park slightly after nine and drove eighteen miles to Cummins Power, the local Onan generator service facility. They got right on it and found that our slight coolant leak was nothing more than some loose clamps and a loose drain plug. They were very professional and have complementary full hookup RV sites (fifty amps) for their customers. We'll stay here overnite and hit the road first thing tomorrow. At least we're at the west side of town so we'll be against the morning traffic.

From here? Tentative plans call for a visit with our nephew and his family in the Huntsville (AL) area and then to Gaffney (SC) for Camp Freightliner in two weeks. Yes, we know Huntsville is not any way the best route to get from Jacksonville to Gaffney, but kinfolk comes first. More about this anon...

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