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The clouds are so low they cover the top of the mountains

Harry, Joyce, Bob and Penny

Harry's truck

Original tattoo...his birthdate

Continuing thru Tucson

No boring walls out here!

Cactus in Arizona

Cotton in Arizona

Lots of clouds

Our campsite at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park

Inside our house

Wall murals on the Gila Bend Church

Another painted wall

Definitely southwest decor!

Solar panels at the school

Part of the extensive irrigation system in the surrounding fields

Natural gas powered Entegra Power Station

Sunset at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park

Our little Christmas tree

Cactus at the clubhouse

Owner's house. It's a modular!


LEAVE TIME: 10:00 MILES: 2.3

Met Harry and Joyce Laughman (an “internet friend”) at a truck stop outside of Tucson for breakfast on the way to our next stop in Gila Bend, AZ. We parked next to another fiver and noticed he had a very flat tire so Bob lent our jack to the young man to fix it. Had a very good (but very filling, especially for this non-breakfast person!) meal and then on our way again. We’re going to stop in the area on the way back so they can show us some of the local sights.

Into Augie’s Quail Trail RV Park at 2:05. Got set up then off to store for a chicken for our Christmas Eve dinner. The park is named after the numerous quail in the area….but we didn’t see a single one during our stay.

So, how did we end up in Gila Bend this afternoon when I-10 goes to Phoenix? Well, we wanted to avoid Phoenix so hopped off onto I-8, heading west. When we leave here, we'll go north on SR 85 to meet I-10 once again, west of Phoenix.

Went to the clubhouse for an evening of bingo and our foursome-table won all but about 2 or 3 games. Met Bob and Kay who are on their way eastward to spend Christmas with their kids. Had an absolute blast!! Bob and I cleared $18.50. Bob and Kay won even more than that.

Nice campground; huge lots. Those with 4-wheelers are going for a drive through the desert tomorrow. That would be fun. No cable so watched a Johnnie Carson DVD. Tired. Sides ache from laughing so much.

TOTAL TIME: 4 HOURS (counting about an hour for breakfast)…………….MILES DRIVEN: 168


We were only scheduled to stay here for 2 nights but decided we didn't want to spend Christmas Day on the road so we'll be staying over Christmas. Drove around Gila Bend and got 2 gifts for tomorrow’s Christmas party/dinner here at the campground. Found a couple of back roads to travel and saw the future home of the Gatlin archaeological and botanical park. We also drove past the Entegra Gila River Power Station, the smokestacks of which I can see from my window.

Worked at the computer this evening while Bob made our pre-Christmas dinner and watched the entire sky slowly turn from blue to pink to fiery red. Absolutely beautiful! Bob decorated our little tree while I finally took our fall wreath down and put up a green, winter wreath.

Taco appears to be doing better. I wonder if the altitude bothered him, too? He still “snorks” while he eats but someone told me that can be common with little dogs. I don’t think it’s natural so when we get a chance, we shall visit a vet. He needs his nails clipped anyway so we’ll get that done, too. Bought a bark-off at the Dollar Store today. It’s not a collar. It just makes some supersonic (or is it subsonic?) sound that people can’t hear but annoys dogs when they bark. We’ll see if it works.



Went to the potluck Christmas dinner at the clubhouse and boy, was there a LOT of GOOD food! I am positively stuffed…just like the turkey. After dinner there was a gift exchange and I got a very pretty little jewelry box. Bob, and almost all the other men, got various little tool kits.

Dined with a couple who live about 5 miles north of Gila Bend. He used to play Santa Clause for the whole town and this is his first year off. He said all those cows we saw by El Paso were dairy cows and were part of a huge milking operation. He said there are about 40,000!!! cows at that operation. And every one has to be milked twice a day. Holy cow (pun not intended, LOL). That is one huge operation.

It’s now about 7:30, 12/25/10, and here we sit….very fat, very happy, very contented. Mooo.

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