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Back in Labadee, Haiti, only a few days after we were here on the last cruise. Even though it’s just a small spit of land, having a second day gave us a chance to thoroughly explore all the nooks and crannies that we missed last time cameras in hand. As we looked for interesting photographic possibilities, we kept getting in trouble. A Haitian policeman retrieved Ken after he hopped a barrier to get a better angle on the cruise ship. And I got thrown out of the dock area when I went under a chain to do the same. After that we stuck to the path. Don’t want to end up in a Haitian jail.

We spent a lot of time watching folks taking the longest zip line over water in the world. Such superlatives always tickle us when we travel. Using the right criteria, almost everything has a claim as the xxx-est. The actual ride looked like it took less than three minutes and cost $90. Every time a group of four or five zippers flew past, we would say, “There went $450.” The folks that did the zipping clearly felt that it was money well spent and their faces glowed with the thrill of it all. Groups came down the hill continuously for most of the day. As we walked along the beach they were always overhead.

Lobster tails were on the lunch menu again and now that we knew what to expect, we did not bother taking any lowly hotdogs or hamburgers. The afternoon was spent swimming and enjoy the view from a beach chair. Life is good.

Back on board we passed by the Aqua Theater while the cast was rehearsing for a children’s show. The performers who work in the Aqua Theater never have any privacy as they rehearse, unlike the other venues. They wore street clothes and lip synched to a recording. It became obvious that they would be wearing full body character costumes since the formidable king was played by a petite Filipino girl and the princess was played by a strapping young man.

We returned to the Aqua Theater again in the evening for another look at the Cirque d’Soleil-like water show. We enjoyed it just as much as we did after a wine filled dinner last week and were happy to say that we remembered almost everything. We sat down front near the splash zone to better see the high high divers who plunged about sixty feet to the tiny pool below. It was also a better view of the fountains which squirted high and low patterns that changed colors with the music. The pool has a variable bottom which can go from a dry level stage to 20+ feet of water in the blink of an eye. WE can't get over the show facilities on the Allure.

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