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The beautiful dog I wanted to take home

And his friend

Dog mushing

A cute Woodpecker making lots of noise


My footprint in the tidal flat with a bird and a cat


Well well well. Last night was the summer solstice, 24 hours of daylight. Daylight only softened slightly by the dim of the mountain which seems to be right outside my tent. It's just beautiful. From now there will be 60 days of 24hr light. Already my body is in chaos, cooking by the campfire at 11pm, not feeling tired to sleep but feeling exhausted at the same time. We all stayed up until midnight to take pictures before retreating to our tents. I had a wrestless time of it with only about 4 hours shuteye, average for me at the moment.

Today we headed off to the National Park Visitor Centre to view a movie of the seasons of Denali. The cinematography was gob-smacking, for those whom are interestd I bought the DVD. From there we went to the interactive museum to see the animals up close (stuffed) and learn about the history of the park and the flora and fauna. I found this really interesting, being the nerd I am, and held everyone up for the Dog Mushing demostration. Though, because of this we ended up gertting front row seats. I fell in love with the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. A pure bred Alaskan Husky - Pure White, Ice blue eyes, Long legs and lean. The guide was very entertaining and informative as she had her own breeding kennels and had lived out the last 5 winters here. She roped up 8 dogs to a summer sled and went off down the road around a bend and back. The dogs were so excitable, they were barking, yelping, jumping in the air, and boy can they run. It would be great to come back in winter and see them in their element.

Today was about 18 degrees, warm and clear for us but about 18 degrees above the comfort zone of the dogs! Next on the itinerary was a hike around Horse Shoe Lake where we had the chance to see beavers and moose. At one stage I wandered off to go exploring, finding a wood pecker to watch whilst having a snack, then thinking I should really find the group I peered way across the lake and by chacne found my guide. He was so nice, waving to me, so I waved backed, then he jumped, he was being funny, I jumped back then he did a funny dance in a circle so I pretented to do some underwater signals - I C U lean right, that kinda of jazz.... then all of a sudden it occured to me... he wasnt being funny, he was telling me to turn around. And, when I did, there was a HUGE moose about 30 metres away STARING me down! Talk about clueless! Though what an opportunity, out came the 300mm lense I creeped around a little bend and perched on a log for the next 30 minutes just watching. The others caught up and afterwards we had a good laugh about it.

It was now about 3 o'clock, we were hungry so went into town. Somewhere between the park and town (10 minute drive) we spontaniously decided to drive 7 hours north to the Artic Circle. Like little kids off on an adventure we were away. On the way someone on the tour knew we were near the place the boy from 'Into the wild' passed away, so we stopped there for a little bit. The drive was long and for a good part of it unpaved. We stopped at a road house where the people were, well, um, bizarre to say the least. They had books such us "Oh my god we're going to die, the story of two men in the wild" " How to have sex in a tent 101 ways" and "50 recipes for cooking mosquitos". There was a burger there on the menu dedicated to "Boo Boo" their 'pet' bear and my favourite - belly button brushes, for the person who has everything. Least to say that was an experience. We grabbed a bottle of champagne, then 5 more hours on the road and we had finally arrived. The Artic was not what I expected, it was hot, there were bugs everywhere and as far as you could see, Spruce trees. The only thing there was a sign saying Artic Circle. But, I can now say I have been. 7 hours later we were all the way back where we started. 13 hours to take a picture of a sign = Priceless. We were back at camp at 5am, had showers and hopped into our sleeping bags to rest before departing at 9am.

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