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Lunch Spot of the day

Just one of the many German REstaurants in Fredericksburg

Luckenbach Outside


Nita and I

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Outside where Willie Nelson used to have his Farm Relief Shows every...

Inside the Dnce Hall

A great time by all

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Music at the Dancehall in Luckenbach

It was a week ago that we arrived in Kerrville, TX. For our Montana Owners Rally and we have had a lot of ups and downs since we arrived…

First off, the park we are staying at is not very good at taking care of the rally parking… When we arrived, we were sent to a space that was way too small for our Big Sky. It was right next to the dumpster and surrounded by pop-ups and small trailers filled with young kids and their parents that had the week off for Spring Break.. Don’t get me wrong, we love kids and still remember with fondness our pop-up days and the fun we had with the kids and grandkids, but we did not come here to be with kids; we are here to have fun with the Montana Owners. Our park is quite large and with having so many of us spread all over the area it is hard to even know who is in our group… We were able to move from the place they put us but wound up in the very back of the campground so far away from the activities that we have to drive the truck just to get to the pavilion. It is not that we just made these reservations and they didn’t know where to put us, we made them last July…. The park is a nice park right on the Guadalupe River but they sure need help is the staffing department.

Kerrville is in the middle of the Texas ” Hill Country” that is well known for the beautiful wildflowers that the wife of our former President Lyndon Johnson worked so hard to get growing along the roadsides in Texas. Lady Bird Johnson did a wonderful job with making this area one of the prettiest places to be in the spring of the year… Even in a good year though, the bluebonnets don’t start getting big and full until the first part of April and this year, as in a lot of the south, everything is a couple of weeks late… I doubt that anyone at this rally will see the beauty. .. That is too bad because many of our members are from California and one couple even from as far away as Nova Scotia.. Well, not to worry in our case because we plan on hanging around the area until the end of April do we should see a lot of the wildflowers…

As luck would have it, the weather has been very unstable also… One day it is in the 70’s and the next day the high was 42… That day we also had winds over 40mph and had a ton of rain that fell during the wee hours of the morning… Boy our house was shake, rattle and rolling… Scarrrrrey .

We were looking forward to catching up with our friends Nita and Al again but the day they were to arrive the ran into car troubles and got in a day late… We had already had dinner when they came over to ask us out with them so we stayed home… The next morning Nita got real sick and remained that way for three days… We thought it was food poisoning bet on the third day Al came down with the same thing… What a bummer….

Thankfully, today was a better day for them so we headed out to show them the sights of Hill Country… We first went to Fredericksburg for a German lunch (our third time) and then to Luckenbach. Also our third time there since we arrived. If you remember from a few years back, we love Luckenbach. They have music playing seven days a week but today we hit the jackpot.. There was a great four piece band and they were playing in the dance hall… There was plenty of room for all the visitors and it was a nice day… Yesterday when we were there, it was 38 degrees and we were all crammed inside the Post Office.. There was great music but we were really cramped and cold… They had a wood stove going strong right in the middle of the floor but it was still cold around the edges…

Yesterday, it was just Bill and I in the truck so we did our usual thing and took off for some back roads to see what we could find… We lucked out in finding some ruins of old buildings, a flooded road, open range ranches where we had to wait for the cows to cross and a big herd of sheep… I got some good pictures of Ewes with their little ones and some cattle this time we did not see any of the longhorn steers. They are all over the area, just not when I was looking for them. Today when we were with Nita and Al we took the short way home so we could get back for “Happy Hour”.

It is great catching up with other Montana Owners that we have not seen for five years. Tomorrow should be another interesting day.. . We have a free day and then meet in the evening for another fun time with a White Elephant exchange. This is always fun and we are looking forward to it.

Until next time…………..

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