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A redwood tree

Little me and big tree

The Brotherhood Tree.

After coming up the tram 1243 ft. above the ground

Carved squirel. The size of animals in Paul Bunions Day

Paul Bunion and his pet bull


The inside of a trunk made into a home

Our car coming through a tree trunk

A childs play house


Levels of roadway cut into mountain. Not a lot of guard rails

Hello Family and Friends:

I am so sorry that you have not been able to get my updates. I have been typing them, but just not sending them to you. Must be my age or something....:)

Hope everyone is doing well. I hear you do not have a whole lot of snow and your cool is just a little cooler than mine. Since dropping the coach off in Oregon, we have been travelling down the Oregon and California coast. What a ride. The Tall Red woods I have to say were the highlight of my trip so far. I have never seen so many big and I mean really big around and tall trees. The most beautiful trees in the world. The coast itself will put you in ah of God's hand in his creation. It is just so overwhelming, it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness and thankfulness. We do serve an awesome God.

There were a few spots on my trip that I have not been able to actually look at. For those of you who do not know, I do have a serious height problem. But, I have overcome the problem sort of. I am trying to do things that I would normally not do. Paul and Dorothy Fletcher would be proud of me knowing that I went on a cable car up the side of one of the mountains here. Something that I would have had to have a lot of coaxing to do in my earlier years.

We are this evening in Los Gatos. A very rich comunity just south of San Francisco and close to San Jose. The average income is $220,000.00 the average cost of a home $1,056,000.00 and the average sunshine per year is 330 days with average precip 22.87%

anybody want to move here???? It is very beautiful

We are leaving tomorrow and heading for Los Angeles California. We are going to stay right down town and hope to get a city tour and a picture of the hollywood hills sign. We will be there for 2 days before starting to head back to Oregon. We do have to pick our motor home up on Friday th 19th. Hopefully everything will be done to our satisfaction and we will be heading to the Grand Canyon and then to Mesa Arizona for a 3week rest. I mean not moving anywhere just sitting eating and playing golf when I feel like it. Sure looking forward to that part of the holiday. We will be meeting up with friends we met on our caravan trip back in Sept. Should be fun.

Take care all. E-mail me if you do not get this update. Let me know how you all are doing as well. Leslied, did you get my e-mail with regards to your asking about cubbie and valentines day?

Hello to all my grandchildren, Nanah and Pah miss you terribly.

Happy Valentines day to everyone. I love you all:)


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