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So we have now been camped out in the jungle for a few nights. Some of our days have been blistering hot (nothing I can’t stand), and some have been humid and wet. Trevor tells us that it is the beginning of the dry season so i guess we should be thankfull for the rainy days. I don’t mind them, its a break from the sun and it’s still plenty warm out even if you are a bit damp. We are on a 20 acre property owned by my mom’s pals. It’s the first property on this river after the forest reserve and the water is absolutely wonderful. It’s as pure as it gets. No money could get you better and it is just a few meters away from our camp. We R ALL sleeping in our new tents and I can’t complain a bit. My tent is super and just the right size. So far dry as a bone too, besides the water that hangs in the air!!!!! I love it here, so warm and nice.

Last night we were invited to our neighbours adobe hut to drink fresh cut coconuts, and these fruits the locals call sour apples. Nothing like an apple at all, and pretty tart, but not too bad. They have almost a sponge texture, like a spongee pear but sour, and with pink, green and white skin. There is also a big round pit in the middle! Nothing like it back in Canada thas forsure.

This morning while mom was putting up a tarp for rain protection, she nearly ran into the pit viper that we saw chilling on a piece of timber under the cabana on our first day out. Seems he wanted to check up on us. He sat in the middle of our camp for a good hour, looking around at us and just enjoying the sunny breaks. Pretty humbling it is, being that close to something that could kill you in 24 hours if you piss it off. I was a bit worried when i heard mom scream out from where i was sitting in the screen porch. Me and sage go to check on her and find that it was nothing but a HUGE tarantula!!!

You really have to watch where you step round here. Else you might get bit by something nasty. The tarantula was as big as the ones you see at petstores if not bigger and his bum was covered in red-orange hairs. Mom tells us that they shoot those as a way of defending themselves against predators. That made me take a step back.

Turns out she was wrong, trevor says that you can actually pick them up and they wont bite you. But i will leave that to the crocodile hunter thank you very much. At least until i get a bit braver ;)

The good news is. At least there are no poisonous lizards, as far as i know. And we can check those guys out without fear of venomous fangs! We have seen a few, sage spotted one on our first day and then there was one chilling on the screen of our kitchen area the next morning. But today sage called me into trevors bedroom area where he was reading a book cause there was a cool little dude right on trevor’s pillow! He was so chill, we got to stare at him for a long time and really check him out. So beautiful and exquisite. I felt blessed to have to the chance to examine him so closely, every little fold in his skin, the little diamonds around his eyes and his bright little golden eyes checking us out right back!

It wasn’t until sage mentioned catching him and moved his hand a bit towards the guy that he took a little leap away from us. Just to remind us that he would rather stay out of our hands im sure!

Pretty quiet day after that. Just had some tea, did some sewing did some dishes. Admired the little coloured birds that hop about in the orange trees! Ya this is the life.

Now im in dangriga spending the night, so i could update my blog for you guys and try to get ahold of devon. Oh and do some laundry of course. We would do it up on the property, and mom and even did wash a good load, but its not drying so well with all the rain we been having lately so we thought it best to bring some to town! So far i have enjoyed some yummy tacos. Deep fried and soft corn tacos and pinades i think they are called (fish tacos) and some kind of chicken taco! Yum yum. Street tacos go for 3 for a dollar usually so its easy to get carried away at the taco stand. But 4 bucks can fill you up and thats in belize dollars. So for only 2 dollars American you can get 12 tacos which was way too much for just me. Evan was there luckily so we shared.

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