Brad & Barb Wright - Southwest Trip 2009/2010 travel blog

President Abraham Lincoln Museum, Springfield, IL - Plaza

Replica of cabin Abe Lincoln grew up in

White House facade in Lincoln Museum

"Cooking Area" in Children's Room

Period clothes for children to try on in children's room of Lincoln...

We took a detour to Springfield, IL as we wanted to see the Lincoln Museum that opened 4 years ago. We were in Springfield a week prior to the opening and visited the rest of the Lincoln sites at that time. The detour was well worth it. We stayed at the KOA Springfield and it was surprisingly nice. We met a very nice couple there who are from the Cape and had been to several of the areas we are headed. They had a lot of good advice on RV Parks for us to stay in or to avoid. They were headed to Iowa to have work done on their coach and then to the Southwest - maybe we'll run into them again. The Lincoln Museum was phenomenal. We were only allowed to take pictures in the plaza in the center of the building. Hopefully I will be able to download a couple. In the plaza there were life sized figures of the Lincoln family, a replica of the log cabin he grew up in, and a replica of the facade of the White House. When you enter the log cabin and the white house it then takes you on a journey through many exhibits. There are two theaters. The technology used is amazing. They also had a room called Mrs. Lincoln's Attic where you can bring children in and they can play with toys of the day, dress up in period clothes, child size; build a log cabin with Lincoln Logs or make believe cook over a fireplace. It was wonderful. The museum did an excellent job in not only taking you through Lincoln's life but also the events leading up to the Civil War. One exhibit was a four minute video taking you through the areas held by Union and Confederate soldiers week by week. I purchased that video in the gift store. Tomorrow we will leave this area and head to Danville, MO to see my niece and her family.

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