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Annapurna South at sunrise

The trail back up from the river

Bridge crossing

Mountain View Guest House

Well it happened before I thought it would - food poisoning. I got sick twice during the night. Today I felt terrible. I wasn't sure I could do the day's hike, and I contemplated riding a horse. I ate plain toast and had tea for breakfast then started hiking before the group. Gopal (our leader) assigned BiJay to me (the youngest porter). Initially it was all downhill. I ran into the Russian group part way down the hill. We have been criss crossing paths with them for 2 days. The trail went down the hill through wheat fields. We crossed a river, and then the horrible uphill started and I slowed down tremendously. I felt bad for BiJay because he was carrying a heavy load, and I couldn't go fast. We stopped for lunch, I ate a little, and we kept going up more and more hills. This area has many landslides. During the monsoon season the hillsides get soaked, and then a huge part of the hill slides. Each year parts of fields and houses get swept away during the landslide. The trails have been changed to go around the landslides, and today's hike did that with huge ups & downs to get around them. We finally made it to Chommrong at the Mountain View Guest House. I went to bed, got up for dinner, and went back to bed. The group and many of the local people had a party that night with Nepali music and dancing. I slept through the whole thing, but I needed to get well to continue the trek.

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