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El Chalten

Cave of Hands

Yes I can put up a tent rhese days!

Paula and Ian freezing again

Me and Vicky

Lovely cabins in Esquel

Me and the big dog!

Well, it was St Patricks day.......

More big dog!

On top of the truck

Ponies at the Estancia in Bariloche

After the very wet horse riding!

Volcano at Pucon

Dog lady of Pucon !

Lovely pony in Pucon

Me Pam and Rik

Action !

Last night as Tent Buddies!

Ian with the Harem for the last time

Lovely ladies!

Well we had a couple of long driving days to reach Bariloche. We went via Rio Pinturas where we went to see the cave of hands, prehistoric hand paintings on a rock. Hmmm it kind of looked like someone had got a can of spray paint the day before and made these things up !! Interesting all the same though. On St Patricks day we ended up in some beautiful cabins in Esquel. Luxury for a night! Except I ended up sleeping on the floor due to the snoring in my room (all girls this time !!)

Rode on top of the truck at some point during this but i cant remeber quite when !!

Arrived in Bariloche to a really nice hostel and booked up an all day horse ride at an Estancia for the next day with Lucy, Dwane, Dyan, Paula and Pam. Next day the weather was appalling but we managed about an hour on horseback before the guy said it was just too wet and we couldnt really do the whole day. Not a bad thing as it was pretty horrendous in the rain !! Still, lunch was included and we had a lovely BBQ at the ranch. BTW, Fergie stayed here a couple of years ago so it was a very posh place! That afternoon i went to the pub with Vicky Kev and Lucy and we ended up having dinner in their cabin, playing scrabble. Lovely!

Next day however, most of us who had had the lovely BBQ lunch at the ranch felt very ill. Didnt eat for 24 hrs and slept in this morning and so far i feel fine so hopefully it was just a 24 hour thing!!

Not planning to climb the volcano here in Pucon. It involves ice climbing with crampons. I dont think I am that adventurous!! May do some rafting or riding (or maybe i will do sod all!!!)

Back again. Spent nice day yesterday pottering around town. Weather is lovely here (apparantly very unusual as whenever Kev and Vicky have been here before it has been raining and windy) In the evening we had a truck quiz and bangers and mash. My team of Lucy, Pedro and Ian (Colette's Kennel Hands, so named because Pucon is known as Dog City and i seem to have made friends with all the stray dogs at the campsite and they followed me round all day yesterday - yes I attract all the right attention ha ha )came second. Hoorah!

This morning I went horse riding (again!) with Rik and Pam. It was fab - for the first time this trip we were given helmets and the guy made sure we had a practice around the corral before we set off. Scenery was lovely - saw the 3 volcanos near here - wish I could have climbed up but am saving ankle for inca trail. Photos to follow.

Well, this part of the trip is almost over. We get to Santiago on Thursday and then head out again on Sunday with some leaving and 10 new people getting on. It's all gone far too quickly for my liking !!

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