European Delights 2009 travel blog

Oh my god this place is just amazing!!! Having arrived yesterday I cant say how lovely Emilie and her dad Johan are. We met Emilie last year whilst touring through China and jumped at the chance to spend time with them in their summer farmhouse in Floroe. The property we are staying in has been in the fathers maternal line for even longer than the current house was built. The area has history going back to 1000AD, proven by artefacts they themselves have dug up on the property. Next door the neighbour has been renovating another farmhouse that even predates that to the 1500's and was used as a church, school then prison before becomming run down and purchased privately. We were very happy to be invited over to spend time in front of the fire drinking red wine and home made beer, whilst comfortable settled into rocking chairs that night. Vidar is the local school headmaster, the owner of the house, told us all about it's history and that of the town. He is a jack of all trades and can do or knows EVERYTHING! He disappeared for a little while returning with a keyboard and two guitars, and away went went with a jamming session, swapping instuments at times. I learnt a little guitar and decided then and there that I'd like tolearn when back home! This is shaping up to be a very educational trip!

There is a great sence of community here where everyone pitches in to help. They even have a group that runs projects i.e renewing old boats, renovating houses etc all with recycled materials. Everyone is very friendly and welcomming and genuinely interested in the Australian culture and our lives there. They are great company, very knowledgable and have many a funny story to tell.

We instantly felt a part of their lives, and like we had been friends for an eternity. One thing though is I find the language diffcult, and most of the time very funny as I keep seeing images of the cook from the Muppets flash before me!! He He!

Today we again went out on the boat, this time to go birdwatching and animal viewing. The fjords around this area are heritage listed and I can see why. I can not give you a true picture of how beautiful it is, just breathtaking...

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