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What a beautiful day! 23 degress and not a cloud in the sky! I have a new name here, Cielo - this means roof of the world and lamour! My tour guide often calls across to me with a smile as this is used between lovers also menaing ´honey´! Today we were up early for a flight over the Naza Lines.

They stretching across the Nazca plains like a giant map or blueprint left by ancient astronauts. Peru is known for the Incan Civilisation who many link with alien visitors who still interact with local people to this day.

The Nazca Lines are an definately an engima, brought home more so when you are here to see them for yourself. No one has proof who built them or why. Since their discovery, the Nazca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations from ancient gods, a landing strip for returning aliens, a celestial calendar created by the ancient Nazca civilization -- putting the creation of the lines between 200 BC and 600 AD, used for rituals probably related to astronomy.

The first serious study of the Nazca Lines came in 1941, when an American historian, named Paul Kosok, visited the desert. Kosok, too, sought the mystery's solution by looking to the sky. His moment of inspiration came as he was watching the sun go down. Suddleny he noticed that it was setting almost exactly over the end of the one long lines. A moment later, he realized that it was June 22, the shortest day in the year and the day when the sun sets farthest North due West.

Upon our return we walked the markets, had a spot of lunch then headed to Chauchilla. For many years Chauchilla cemetery was looted by treasure hunters, who destroyed the place completely, taking away all the treasures the mummies kept in their tombs for centuries. Grave robbers just left behind the corpses, which can be seen today all over the ground. In addition to skulls and bones, visitors also can see several tombs centuries’ old, as well as long human hairs, ceramic fragments and others remains scattered on the dessert surface. It is the only archaeological site in Peru, in which ancient mummies are seen in their original graves, along with ancient artifacts, dating back to 1000 AD.

Just arrived back in town to catch our 10 hour ovrnight bus to Arequipa....

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