E and P Australia Excursion 2009 travel blog

Buchan Caves

Victoria Bush Fires

Last night before we went to bed we ran into a group at dinner. Two of the ladies chatted with us for awhile. Then another group joined us and shared their fresh crab catch of the day. It was great. This morning we joined a couple of ladies for coffee and then left for the Buchan Caves.. Then South down to Bairnsdale. Over the horizon we could see a large fire that was burning in the hills. The clouds of smoke were blocking our the sun and took over 3/4 of the sky. The fire trucks were blasting all over town to head to the fires. We continued south around the area with the fires and over to Venus Bay. We went down to the beach where the temperature was 45 degrees and the wind was blowing at 65 km/h. We went for a dip in the water and then let the wind and sand blast us a facial. Later in the early evening the temperature dropped to 23 degrees.. made for a nice evening and sleep.

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