Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Skull in the desert

Us at Granite Gap

One of our new NAY-bors

Sue with some of the donkeys

More of the NAY-bors

Lavendar Pit open mine- a BIG hole

A Bisbee Az. neighborhood.

On Nov. 30th, (Sun) we left Lakeside RV. We really will miss it, and the new people we met. A special thank you to Newell and Linda for the care package, and the fun times we had. We really hope we get together again.

We had a nice ride down to Douglas, thru another beautiful range of mountains. We got to Belles about 3:00 pm, and she was out feeding the animals. They certainly do depend on her. The donkeys are especially funny. When they see her coming they have a very pathetic cry that they let out. I hope to get a recording of it, it is undescribable.

The dogs (Chiquita, Chrissy, and Shadow) came out to meet us and see that we were O.K. They are so cool, and very good protectors. Martina, is a chichaua, I know that is spelled wrong. She stays in the house.Sue says she has an old soul. Every living thing here is so gentle, it is strange. The dogs are very aggressive, but only when needed. There are stories we will tell, but when we are with you all.

Mon. morning we were sitting eating breakfast. We watched a chicken outside peeking around in the dirt. In a few minutes, a huge coyote sprang out from behind a bush and got the chicken in its mouth. The dogs jumped into action, and chased it down into the desert. It droppped the chicken in its haste. It was the neatist thing to see. We later saw it stalking around the other side of the ranch. The horses must be used to them, because they never flinched.

Later, Belle took us around the ranch in her John Deere Gator, and showed us what she would like to have done. She said we could do what we wanted, or do nothing at all. We were glad she did, because otherwise, we felt like we were stepping on toes doing what we thought should be done.

We did some cleaning up around the campfire ring, cleaned a cabin up, did some raking and misc. stuff. We felt we had a productive day. Belle said we worked too hard.

Tues, we got to work on a new sign advertising the ranch. It is going to be pretty neat, if I do say so myself. Also, I cleaned and painted SEVERAL gourds that she grew.

They are really beautiful. I hung them around the place, and Belle loved them. She said, "you could sell those and make lots of money". I said, "they are yours, you could sell them and make lots of money".

We stopped for some lunch, now Sue is out painting more on the sign, and I am going to put up some gate rails, so Belle can grow gourds on them next summer. It is not easy driving a fence post in soil that seems like it hasn't seen water in years.

I will post pictures later.

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