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Death Valley

Mustang at Death Valley

Funace Creek (190 ft below sea level, 104 degrees F today)

Waiting for a train (entering Vegas)

Why can't my camera take night pictures?

This morning I followed some advice and asked some guys at an auto shop to check my car's oil and water before I went into Death Valley. The oil and water were fine, but one of the front tires was low and leaking. They kindly found the leak and fixed it, sparing me a flat tire in the desert ... phew!

It was so beautiful driving through the desert. I've never seen anything like it. A lot of the best scenery I see is while I'm driving, so I don't have pics. I promise to stop at more viewpoints. The car was fine with the heat, I was fine with the air conditioning and Bob Dylan on the cd player.

After much consideration, I decided to stay at New York New York in the very centre of the Strip. I got a pretty good deal & I'm only here for 2 nights so why not be right in the middle of it? You know how you're supposed to turn down the first room they offer you & hold out for an upgrade? Well, I never have the nerve to do that. But I did, because I really wanted a view of the Strip (not the parking garage), and now I have this great view! I was looking out the window & thinking this will be a good outlook for my morning coffee tomorrow when I realized .. no coffee maker! Instead, you can order a pot from room service for 8.95 plus 4.50 service charge. Evil evil people! But I will thwart them with my organizational skills. I went and got my thermos from the car & will go fill it up at Starbucks before bed.

Tomorrow night I have a ticket for Zumanity. I was going to see Ka across the street at the MGM, but I get a discount for Zum because it's in this hotel.

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