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Monday morning, a little after 6 am I arrived in Munich after a decent ride from Budapest. There were a brother and sister from Syracuse and 2 Israeli sisters in our 6 person sleeper car. The 2 sisters were very nice, but extremely loud and inqusitive.

Brian and I stored our bags at the station and set off for coffee since the tourist office didnt open til 9. During our walk around we stumbled upon the A&O Hostel that a 10 person dorm room open for 25 euro a night. We immediately jumped at the opportunity to skip taking a midnight train that night after a full day at Oktoberfest. So we grabbed our packs from the stationand made the 5 minute walk to check in.

Brian and I were posted at the Haufbrahaus tent by 11:30 am and had our firt Liter in front of us. After the first we decided to check out the sprawling grounds; think a European take on the Mid South fair on steriods with 5 or 6 enormous beer tents set to host thousands of beer drinkers each.

After dragging Brian on the upside down and sideways SK8R ride we found a seat next to 3 Germans at the Lowensburg beer tent for Oktoberfest beer #2 and 3. Lisa and Kirsten were great sports as they suffered through and few rides with me.

Time travel to beer tent #3, Paulander, as we in to a table with some Swiss tourists among others. By this time the band was cranking and the Oktoberfest patrons were singing and dancing along. Beer #4 and arguably 5 came courtesy of our new found friends. This inspired dancing on the tables and cheersing (word?) our beers hard enough to challenge the thick stein glasses. This would also be the presumed source of a number of bruises found over the next several days.

The night left me stumbling back to the A&O Hostel before givng up, hailing a cab to the hostel that had seemed to disappear...a block and half away.

The next mornings pain was somewhat relieved when an 85 year old lady came to check into our room as Brian and I were packing up. I still get a good laugh thinking about what kind of experience was in store for her with a room full of 20 somethings and Oktoberfest lurking around the corner.

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