Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

This afternoon I had a follow-up visit with my pain management doctor. He said that I should return every three or four months for another injection, which he could do in his office. That’s not exactly what I had wanted to hear but, if that’s what it takes to avoid back surgery, I’ll do it. He said that he didn’t see any reason that I shouldn’t take my trip to the Pacific Northwest. He gave me a sample of Lyrica CV Pregabalin capsules to use at night if I need pain relief.

Before my appointment I ran a few errands. The most important one was a trip to Home Depot to get a replacement kitchen faucet. The original one is leaking but at least it happens only when I turn the water on. I’ve been putting paper towels at the base to soak up the water. I think I have all the right tools so that I can install the new faucet myself.

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