Autumn in New England 2008 travel blog

Hobo train

pushing the train

view from train

another view

swimming hole

covered bridge on golf course

The campground wanted us to be gone by noon; the Elderhostel did not want us to check in until 3pm. What to do? Another scenic train ride. It was such a beautiful day. As we drove south cars on the expressway were backed up waiting to get off going north

This train was called the Hobo Train in honor of the hobos who rode the rails in search of work during the Great Depression. Perhaps hobo trains will become a thing of the present if the economic slowdown continues.

The train was full of small children. After a brief ride they got off to visit Pumpkin Holler. We don’t know what they did there, but when they got back on at the end they were smiling and carrying jack o’ lanterns. and the bindle sticks hobos used to carry their belongings. At one point the train tracks went smack down the middle of a golf resort. The conductor said it’s a rare day when they don’t get pelted with errant balls. To fit in with its location, the course had a covered bridge for golf carts. The swimming hole was an odd greenish color, which contrasted nicely with the fall foliage.

After the train ride we got off the expressway to drive to Lake Winnepasaukee, where the Elderhostel this week takes place. Again we drove against the traffic that was migrating toward the expressway on their way home at the end of a beautfiul weekend. We've been lucky.

The Elderhostel is being held on a long slender peninsula of land that juts deep into Lake Winnepasaukee, the largest lake in New Hampshire. It started as a church summer camp and has a large and varied assortment of buildings erected over many years. Because our last name is at the end of the alphabet, we are in the lesser of the two buildings on the top floor. Being a “W” does have its downside. Because it has been four years since we attended our first Elderhostel there is at least one other person here that looks to be about my age. I fit in a bit better now. The rest are considerably older, but vibrant and vital people in love with learning. That’s what Elderhostel is all about. The focus for this week is improving our photography. Hopefully, we will be taken to lots of scenic spots that will enhance the likelihood that our shots will be good. I suspect that Ken will know more than our instructor about photography, but it is always good for me to be motivated to learn more about the many things my camera can do for me if only I would ask it to.

While friends back home think we have been on vacation, it felt like we were preparing for a vacation as we hauled out the suitcases and decided what to bring. If we forgot something, the pressure was off. The motor home is parked a few hundred yards away and it is easy to go back and get that one more thing.

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