Anne & Tom Visit Ireland travel blog

Breakfast with Susan

Donal shows us the plan for today

Our transportation

We were up in a cloud

A spot of sunshine

Susan goes over the stile

Tom on trail

Through the underbrush

Up Up Up

Down Down Down

Anne goes over the stile

At the top

A photo opportunity

A wild orchid

Standing stones

Three stones

They just crossed our path!

Into the woods

A little waterfall

Pub lunch

Inside the pub

Pull me a Guinness!

You have to wait until it settles and is bubble free

The sea

A cultural moment

A small island

An exotic tree

Oldest cyprus tree


Careful of the oozy



Where we had dinner in Kenmare


A dessert

Late night browsing

Kenmare at night

After a big Irish breakfast, we went off in the van for our second walk, on the Beara Way, the old road on the Beara Peninsula. The walk was similar to the previous day in terms of terrain and stunning views, quite misty too. The scenery reminded many of us of "Lord of the Rings", i.e. similar to New Zealand. There was at least one spot where we turned around and half-expected a horde of orcs to come charging down the hill in pursuit! Further on, we came to some "standing stones" from a much earlier, Celtic, time - with some similarities to Stonehenge, but not as huge. These seem to have been celebratory or worship sites, as no real evidence of permanent habitation has been found right there. The van again met us at the end of this walk, and took us to a small village on the sea where we had lunch in a pub ("pub grub").

Some walked and some rode to the next visit, the Victorian woodland gardens of Derreen, by the sea, once home of the Marquis of Landsdowne. The English imported exotic plants from all over the world to this very temperate area, and there are even palm trees flourishing here. The van took us back to our hotel in Kenmare, where we later had another wonderful dinner at Mulcahy's Restaurant. Some of the group explored pubs after dinner.

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