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the night of the irish

Wow, I guess we really need to update. San Sebastian feels like a million years ago. Okay, so we took an overnight train from Lisbon to San Sebastian which was actually a nice way to go. We had our own room on the train...actually we booked a room with three beds in it and kept our fingers crossed that nobody would claim the third (and top) bunk - we lucked out! And we also met some lovely people. We arrived and really liked the town of San Sebastian, also know in Basque as Donostia, right away. It has beautiful beaches, amazing food and of course, delicious wine. Our pension, which by the way is my favorite up to this point, was clean and decorated very artsy. We had a "family room", the only one they had left with the most comfortable bed we have had yet and a nice little balcony, complete with laundry lines. It looked out onto this racquet ball court thing (except, they play with their hands, and it was mostly a place for teenagers to hang out).

Our first few nights we just hopped from Pinxtos bar to Pinxtos bar (like tapas, but gourmet) and just appreciated the special care they put into preparing the delicious food. We also went swimming and layed on the beach a fair amount. The third night we met up with our Spanish friends we met in Granada, for their birthday parties. They took us to several cool places, including a live music place that had a spanish band playing really interesting covers of American songs. Can't say I have ever heard Born to be Wild played quite like that before.

The next night we were enjoying a delicious meal of Pinxtos at our favorite bar (AMAZING battered deep fried cod and this marinated and grilled lamb that just fell off the bone) when we met some people that I hope we see again. Liz and Ryan from North Carolina were just chilling, speakin english, and we were fortunate enough to hang out with them for the evening. Very cool people. We talked politics, we talked music, we talked about life. Then came the Irish. Oh my. They invited us to a beach party, and as Liz said "when are we ever going to get the chance to party on the beach in Spain with a bunch of Irish". So we went. So fun, and we are so glad we met these new friends.

We also got the chance to take the funicular up to the top of one of the highest peaks in San Sebastian, where the views are spectactular AND they have a small amusement park, even has a trampoline land overlooking the beach and the city. Sweet. On the other highest peak is a cool spooky grave yard, where of course when we hiked there, it started to thunder, and lightning, and all the spooky stuff you can imagine.

Overall, San Sebastian is a great town with fantastic food, people and sights. We will have to go back.

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