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Hey everyone! Thom At The Keys,

We arrived in Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino (literally "the Most Serene Republic of San Marino) by train and bus yesterday. It is a city state of about 30000 people on the top of the highest mountain in the area. This place really is like a fairytale, there are castles all over the place (we climbed to the top of the two tallest this morning)and everything here is SUPER inexpensive! Fancy Italian handbags that go for 100 euro in Italy go for 20 or 30 here (and they're genuine, not knock offs). And everybody here are even friendlier than Canadians (believe it or not). also the entire economy of san marino seems to run on booze, firearms, and leather fashions.

Last night we heard some amazing blues from the deck of our room (yes, we have a deck) and decided to walk a ways down the mountain to investigate. we discovered that it was a local resturanteur's birthday and were invited in to the shindig from the street. It was very fancy, full of various shellfish, fine cheese and excellent sparkling wine and with an amazing blues band from Chicago. And it was all absolutely free.

Now we've got to be off to watch the changing of the guard a few piazza's over.

Will be posting pictures when we get to our next hostel in Florence, so sit tight they are coming, and the views will blow you away!

Love love love!

Thom and Meg

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