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There was a full moon during our stay

We left Greg's and headed south to the Keys. Our first stop was at Marathon to pick up a rental car that would get us around this area without having to unhook the van. We were so happy to get a Toyota Prius which got 53 mpg which is a vast contrast with the 10 mpg we get with the van.

We set up camp in a most convenient spot right across from the dump station and bath house.

The first night it was a bit blustery with a heavy rain shower at 4AM, but the weather grew increasingly warmer and more tropical as the 6 days of our Keys adventure passed by.

We had great bike rides and explored this large area. We also found ourselves getting more laid back. Six days was the longest we had ever stayed in one location while traveling in our Chinook.

With the car, we were able to explore beyond the campground and we visited Deer Key where the elusive and small (about the size of a large dog) Key Deer live in a protected environment. We saw a large alligator in a pond in the Key Deer viewing area, but no Key Deer.

There are two long bridges south of Bahia Honda. One is the old Henry Flagler railroad bridge that the highway was first built on and the other is the new bridge. Fishing is reported to be very good under the bridge, but the water was quite rough during our stay and we did not have the opportunity to venture out in our kayaks.

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