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At a leather factory

Basilica where Galileo is buried

Dante Alighieri - Italy's most famous poet

A replica of Michelangelo's David

Today was a huge day spent at Firenze. In contrast to other days we spent the day walking throuhg the city looking at a range of churches and architectural features. It was a magnificent day for sure...

First we visited a leather factory to see some magnificent leather clothes, bas etc... Way beyond our price bracket. Then it was off on a walking tour to the the Piazza della Signorina where we looked at the basilica where Galilieo was buried. Then it was a short wlak to the City Square were there are massive numbers of original sculptures ragning from Roman to Michelangelo times. It is in Firnze that the original David by Michelangelo is found. In the square was a replica of the statue.

Then it was off over the oldest bridge in Firenze, the only one that wasn't destroyed during the German occupation in WWII. This led to the palace of the first Medici Arch-Duke of the Florentine State - Cosimo.

To finish off our walking tour we headed towards the Duomo, or main cathedral of Firenze and took a tour through there. The murals are absolutely amazing...

The afternoon was free for some lunch and our own investigations of the city.

Close to sunset we took one of the optional tours up to a terrace that over lloks Firenze for a magnificent panorama. Combined with a visit to yet another basilica but this time with the Benedictine monks chanting or singing a gregorian mass deep in the crypt of the church. Really great experience.

Then it was back to the hotle for sleep!

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