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make that putt

don't over shoot that hole

our chariot

another water hazard

In the trailer last winter we ate dinner every evening with our feet resting on golf clubs. Now that we have a motor home we have plenty of room for them in the "basement." In Florida we saw plenty of great courses, but did not play once. Perhaps the courses were too great. They were quite expensive and looked like places for people who knew what they were doing, which certainly isn't us.

Ken read an online review of a campground on a golf course here in Georgia, a hidden gem. The campsite rates were 20% of what we'd paid in Florida and the golf fees reasonable as well. Unfortunately, this campground was not in my reference guide and did not have a web site. We phoned to make a reservation and got the address, but the GPS couldn't find that either. With fingers crossed we worked our way down back country lanes, turned down Emergency Road 1000, and breathed a sigh of relief when those greens appeared on the horizon. The place is exactly as the review described.

We are camped on the edge of the golf course, perhaps not such a good idea if most of the golfers are as skilled as we are. The site comes with a golf cart, free ice and free coffee. The course has 27 holes which will keep us busy for at least three days. Since we haven't played since August and only played a few times last summer, it was as if we had never had a lesson. On the driving range, I needed a new tee after every ball I hit. Once we got on the course, the water hazards had magnetic powers and together we must have lost about ten balls. However, we laughed and laughed and enjoyed the brilliant blue sun shine.

Exhausted after our taxing game, we headed to town to have dinner. Although Cochran has about 5,000 residents we struggled to find a restaurant that was a step above the Dairy Queen. Finally a local BBQ spot caught our eye. It was very busy, perhaps because it was the only game in town. We've learned that good BBQ never comes with ambience or fine china. But the piles of meat on the melmac dishes were so generous, we'll be enjoying the meal for lunch again tomorrow.

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