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This morning I said goodbye to my three new friends and headed off to the bus station. I caught a first class bus to Cancun without a problem or incident. The only thing really worth mentioning was that they played a movie on the bus, "What a Girl Wants" in spanish.

I arrived at the Cancun bus station and a friendly and helpful baggage handler asked where I was going. He was clearly expecting one of the common replys from a tourist. He seemed shocked when I told him the hotel he was looking for. He walked with me for the three blocks to the hotel. At the hotel the man at the front desk was clearly happy that this baggage handler had helped to bring him some business. I wanted to tip the guy, but change is a problem in this country and I had only large bills. So after I checked in and dropped off my bag I walked with him to a market where I bought a six pack of Sol Cerveza to break my bill. I gave him five bucks and a beer and everyone was happy.

I headed back to my room to shower and use my Lonely Planet Guidebook (Bible) to understand the Cancun bus system. I then hopped on a bus for .65, that took me all the way into the hotel zone and dropped me off in front of the Sheraton Cancun, my first Cancun hotel and home to the production office. Now I have to clarify why this is so amazing.... If I were at the Sheraton Cancun and took a taxi to downtown it would cost me US$20, if I were downtown and took a taxi to the Sheraton it would cost about US$4.00, and now I had discovered a way to make the entire round trip for $1.30!

I took care of my travel arraingments at the production office and sent some emails. I quickly started running into many co-workers who said that the show had gotten much better and told stories about being sequesterd in the Sheraton for four days durring the hurricane. A small group of us went across the street to play some video games at an arcade, but they had to call it an early night because most of them had to work at 5am. I hopped on a bus and headed back to my hotel.

I read in my guidebook about a bar/restaurant with live cuban music and "magical ambaince" and it just happened to be at the end of my street so I went to check it out. I spent the rest of my evening there watching a great cuban band and watching the goings on of the locals...people dancing, others celebrating some occasion, and a group with a drunk uncle who really wanted to hook-up with an enormous woman who worked there but all of his younger relatives were trying to talk him out of it. hahaha

I went to bed excited about finally getting to see my wonderful girlfriend Becky the next day.

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