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Site H36 - Mills Creek COE - Berlin Center, OH

Camel at Noah's Lost Ark

Eye to Eye with a camel

Four-horned Ram

One of the many Bengal tigers at Noah's Lost Ark

Two of the many African lions at Noah's Lost Ark

One of two lion cubs at Noah's Lost Ark

A Serval at Noah's Lost Ark

A Zorse - yep, a cross of a horse and zebra


Evolution of the football helmet





Lockers of Bradshaw and Kelly

Display for Emmitt Smith having the rushing record

My favorite night of the week!

Our man Emmitt

Nice looking ring, huh

Ticket from the first Super Bowl - notice the $10.00 price

33rd Super Bowl - the tickets are now $400.00!

Footballs from Dan Marino's record breaking performances

He may not be in the Hall of Fame officially but his...

The room with all of the bronze busts

Some pretty big names are on this list!

A real nice display honoring Pat Tillman

A giant waxy tree frog that lives high in the trees of...

A Macaw

A piranha

A porcupine

The Green Tree Monitor that also lives in the trees of the...

A Reticulated Python coming down from its roost

This is ONE BIG SNAKE - it looks like it was about...

I see the train a comin', a comin' round the bend

We arrived here at the COE mid-afternoon on Sunday. We had our first experience with the Ohio Turnpike (better known as I-80) to the tune of 14.75 for about 160 miles. It works a lot like our Sunshine Parkway - get a ticket when you get on and the fee depends on where you get off. The campground here is very nice and our site

is spacious though a little unlevel. You may notice in the picture how our front wheels are off the ground to get level.

Monday we went to see Noah's Lost Ark. This is a rescue facility for exotic animals. They get animals that owners no longer want. Usually they have also been victims of abuse as well. They have a large number of big cats

and a bunch of other animals such as the four-horned ram,

a camel and a Zorse, which as you might guess is a cross between a horse and zebra. Apparently the cross breeding was first initiated between mules and zebras because the zebras were resistant to tsetse-flies.

That afternoon we went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. It was quite an experience. They have several displays of the hall of famers as you would expect but they also have several displays concerned with the history of pro football. I think we enjoyed the room with all of the bronze busts

and Super Bowl rings

the most. There was one room set aside depicting the NFL in the military which was also very nicely done.

Of course they had a couple of displays for our Gator, Emmitt Smith,

since he not only is in the Hall but also holds the record for rushing yards.

Tuesday we took a ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

for a trip through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and a quick tour of the Cleveland Zoo Rainforest Exhibit. We were really disappointed by both. The train ride was crowded (on the way up to Cleveland, not so much on the way back) and wasn't very well organized for tourist. It seems that it is used mostly by people who live in Akron and Canton and who would rather not drive up to Cleveland. It took two hours to get from Akron to Southern Cleveland because of the numerous stops on the short trip. One nice thing about it though is that it is very handy for cyclists as they can board the train at any stop and ride to any other stop for $2.00 in a special rail car just for them. There is a very nice bike trail that runs the whole length of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park alongside the Cuyahoga River. If we are ever up in the area again, that is a trail we would like to bike. I think we may have had higher expectations of the ride and that it would be a narrated tour of the Park, which it wasn't.

The Rainforest was nice but I guess we are getting too used to seeing these same types of exhibits. Once you have seen two or three of these, new ones can't add much. One disappointing day out of a hundred - guess I shouldn't complain. :) I did take a few pictures though.

Today we made the trip over to Rockwood, PA which is just a little South of Somerset, East of Pittsburg in the Alleganies. I'll say more about that stay later.

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