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Valencia might have been one of my favorite cities I've visited and totally because of the people. I planned a bit poorly and didn't actually know where my hostel was when I arrived because I'd intended on asking the info booth when I arrived. However the excellent train man in france told me my train would arrive 2 hours earlier than it really did so the info booth was closed when I arrived. Luckily some random guy on the train heard my canadian accent and offered to find my hostel for me. He just called some friends and 15 minutes later I was delivered at my hostel. Helluva deal!

The hostel I stayed at was soooo cool. You guys should probably google it just to see how funky it was (purple nest hostel). The room I stayed in was all pink but like hot pink. I think it would've given you a headache if you stayed in there to do anything more than just sleep but luckily all i did was sleep... or rather pass out...

My second day in Valencia was my BIRTHDAY. And for anyone that knows me, this is pretty much the equivalent of a national holiday. In victoria I commandeer an entire weekend formally known as Robinpalooza.

I settled spending it with 3 other canadians and an australian. Although the details get a bit foggy we went out for paelle (a local specialty) and then headed out for a walking tour of all the bars in the downtown area. I can tell you for certain that tequila was quite cheap at the first bar and in usual Robin style I managed to finish quite a few beers as well. This is where the details get a bit fuzzy but I know that a hooker started hasseling the australian guy and well she was a real treat. We're talking open sores on her arm and a very obvious drug habit. We ended up having to actually run away from her which i believe was also at the same time I elected to call my house in calgary to tell my mom that it was my birthday. I think I even mentioned the hooker. Sorry mom! From there we headed off to a flamenco bar and saw a flamenco show and then danced the night away. I can only remember bits of the night from there. I am quite stubborn about directions because generally i'm really good with them but I remember getting in quite the argument with one of the canadians because i refused to believe he knew the way back to my hostel (please note he was not even staying there and still knew the way better...) but i managed to smooth things over by some how operating a computer at 2am and adding him to facebook. i think i even made beach plans for the next day... really really don't remember and definitely didn't keep them.

I can't say I did anything overly cultural in Valencia but walk around check out the sites. I'm sad to say I didn't even make it to the beach which is actually supposed to be one of the nicest ones in spain. But maybe another time. Oh but I did managed to get myself some nice birthday presents :D shopping is cheap in spain...

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