Exploring Canadian Backroads Coast to Coast 2007 travel blog

Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Terry Fox Memorial near Thunder Bay

Our first sighting of Lake Superior

Next weekend in Dryden is a big fishing derby which is part of the "Professional Walleye Trail." The television crew from the show "In-Fisherman" was in town as well as some of the competitors. The boats are as fancy as it gets and the fishermen are dressed like NASCAR drivers. I had no idea fishing had become such a "Big Money" sport but these guys are evidently very well sponsered.

The weather forecast was "hot" so we left Dryden by 8:00 AM (a new record for us) and headed down the Transcanada once again.

Perhaps it was the time or the fact that it was Sunday morning but whatever the reason we had the road completely to ourselves. It was like riding a backroad with no traffic.

Traffic did build throughout the day but was not too bad. We are now more than half way to Quebec city having traveled about 2,000 km.

We are making fairly good progress but are starting to understand just how big Canada realy is! The last couple of days have been more interesting for us scenery wise as compared to the praries however it has now become pretty repetative.

We stopped in Thunderbay, Ontario briefly but found it to be fairly dreary. . We continued on to Nipigon were we checked into a very nice little motel.

The towns in northern Ontario are pretty dead. They roll up the carpet and turn out the lights by 6:00 PM. In talking to the motel owner we found out that the pulp mill located in Red Rock, a few miles south had closed with-in the past year and that the plywood mill in Nipigon had burned down in February.

The only two major employers in the area are gone and the only jobs outside tourism in town are associated with the transpotation corridor; highway maintenance, rail maintenance and maintenance on the TransCanada Pipeline.

You could certainly buy a house or business at a good price here. Very sad realy.

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