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After two weeks roughing it in the desert and the "town" of Quartzsite, we have driven 120 miles east to a suburb of Phoenix to a resort campground. According to our campground book, there are about 20 of these luxurious facilities in the area. We are at the Canyon Vistas campground because #1 - new friends from Canada that we met last summer are staying here for four months and #2 our old friend from our student travel days lives here in Gold Canyon.

You can see more about this place by visiting the website at:

Canyon Vistas.

The website does a great job of listing all the amenities and gives some additional photos in the sunshine. Unfortunately Phoenix has chosen this moment to end their five year drought. It rained on and off all day and we even heard thunder. Nevertheless our new friends took us on an enjoyable tour of a near by canyon area on narrow roads with hair pin turns. The views were spectacular even shrouded with clouds. We even drove over a road that was covered with water from an overflowing creek. Who said Arizona is nothing but sunshine and heat?

John and Liz couldn't stop raving about all the fun they have had here, both in touring the countryside and in participating with the fun organized by the two full time activities directors. They have already made their reservation to stay here again next year and we are tempted to do so as well. However, they are content with what they know to be good; I am always wondering what's around the next corner....

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