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May Day Flag Raising

Temple of Heaven Park

temple of heaven park

Gate to Forbidden City

Gate of Heavenly Peace

Forbidden City

Tiananmen quare

May day Flag raising military

Temple of Heaven Park

Temple of Heaven Park

Hi Folks, arrived in Bandladesh a short time back only to find the country in a state of emergency. Helen was saying it was something to do with the elections, but won't really affect us. I had another 4 o'clock start to get here. I was the only white person on the plane out here and was getting some funny looks, they probably thought I was a terrorist!! The Great Wall of China was really good, it helped not having the witch with us mind, so we didn't get held up, it was hard work enough in the heat! The whole walk took about 4 hours but was pretty hard because some of the climbs were really hard and very steep 70 degrees some climbs. We went to the one furthest away from Beijing as it's not so touristy but no money's been spent on it either and a lot of the wall is crumbling away and really quite dangerous in parts. The hawkers pester you all the way trying to sell you stuff likew books and water which is a bit of a bind. Also a local(mostly local farmers) normally attach themsleves to you (not literally), they walk along with you guiding you and give you snippets of information hoping for a tip. An attractive girl (le'en) attached herself to me and who can blame her (still got it), she was the best looking farmer I have ever seen as well. Being a Yorkshireman I obviuosly didn't mind an attractive woman joining me on the walk but I was going to make her earn her money. It became a bit of a challenge to try and beat her, to be fair she did beat me going down but I kicked her arse going up hill, not going to be beaten by a woman!!! Then she used the old "you only look 30" trick so I caved in at her flattery and gave her a tip, I mean 30 is pushing it a bit too much 35 maybe!!. The Wall was fantastic though and thoroughly worth the trip, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking and the wall itself is a brillaint piece of engineering. Supposedly about 1 million died building it. I will put some photo's on when I can. I absolutely loved Beijing and the people and definitley want to go back to China. The people are so friendly and you wouldn't believe it was them under a communist goverment and not the miserable Russians. Parents would get there kids to converse with us just to get them used to speaking English. The was a lot of miltary around but not in your face and there is a lot of work going on for the Olympics next year, so not sure how much was a front, but I certainly enjoyed my short time there. The funniest thing is the barber shops double up as whore house on a night, it is really funny seeing the womaen sitting in the windows as we drove through, brings a whole new meaning to have a blow dry!! Also I was a little disspaointed, we have thousands of Chinese Take Aways in the UK, but could I find a Fish and Chip shop in Beijing, NO! I am on the move again tomorrow, we fly into Kathmandu and start our trek at the weekend.


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