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Tombstone inscription - Silverton Cemetery

Another tombstone - Silverton Cemetery

Phoenix - Durango.

After 10 days in Phoenix, to catch up on things and take care of some business there, we took off again on June 16, stopping at Holbrook and then going on to Durango CO. We stayed at a wonderful park there (Alpen Rose - pricey but we recommend it highly) and had a chance to visit with some very interesting people over the three days. We also visited with our friends Wynn Berven and Linda Mack, who entertained us nicely.

Shortly into this trip we decided the cats were better off riding in their boxes in the trailer (well, they might not have been better off, but at least we couldn't hear them). The screeching, yowling and whining was getting to be too much for Ian, and also the cats made lots of noise.

One day we went up the mountain to Silverton (we wanted to try it in the truck before deciding whether to take the RV up that road), an old mining town that today exists mainly for tourism, I think. It was interesting, with some quaint buildings and the Durango-Silverton narrow gauge railway, but mostly shops, restaurants and people. We did spend some time in the cemetery, which had some interesting tombstones. I find that, if you know a bit of the history of a place, the tombstone inscriptions really help fill in the story. But then, I'm somewhat obsessed with the way people are memorialized after death. Some just have a name and dates and others are covered with flowers (mostly plastic) and mementoes.

The second day we went beyond Silverton and on to Ouray, which is also a beautifully-situated town that has been renovated to death. Many stores, restaurants and real estate agencies. The setting, however, and the drive up there are stunning. The road is narrow and winds around mountains and through gorges, trees and old mining sites. Although it was a challenging drive, we figured we could make it with the RV, so we took off from Durango the next day, headed north.

On that trip, one of the highlights was watching a helicopter move heavy mesh into place along the side of the road to keep rocks from crashing onto the highway. Greatly appreciated, I'm sure. We had to watch because we couldn't do anything else - traffic was stopped in both directions. On all three occasions when this happened, we got out of the truck, chatted with the bevy of motorcycle riders stopped with us and watched the scenery as well as the helicopter. While driving, although most of the time I was seriously meditating to something talk-y on the iPod, occasionally I opened my eyes to look at the scenery and make sure we were still on the road. But we made it just fine. I'm sure that the dents in the upholstery (where I maintained a 2-hour death grip) and in the floorboard under my "passenger braking" foot will go away soon.

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