Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

My Campsite at Rocky Point Campground

Rocky Point Campground Viewed from Boat Dock

Squirrel Checking Me Out

Squirrel Sampling My Breakfast


I was up at 7:30 this morning so I’d have plenty of time to get my chores done and head into Jefferson in time for church. I followed my usual hunch and took Business 59 into town to look for one with enough parking space for Daisy and Sweet Pea. First Baptist Church fit the bill, with a long space on the street in front. The pastor used the story of Rebecca (Esau and Jacob’s mother) as an example of how a mother should not be and the story of Jochebed (Miriam, Aaron and Moses’ mother) as an example of the right kind of mother.

After church I headed for Wright Patman Lake, which is about ten miles south of Texarkana. With the short 56-mile drive, I was at my site in Rocky Point Campground by 1:15. A couple who were just leaving the site were having trouble getting their 4x4 out of gear so it could be towed. There was room for me to pull in behind them so as to be out of the road, so I just sat at the picnic table and ate my lunch while they were dealing with their vehicle. A friend who was in the site next to this one was trying to help but said he didn’t know anything about four-wheel drives. They finished about the time I had finished my lunch, so it all worked out well.

Rocky Point is the largest campground on this lake and is located in a mixed hardwood-pine forest. Each campsite has a hard surface parking pad, picnic table (some coated wire mesh and some concrete), barbecue grill, utility table and trash receptacle. Some of them have sewer hookups and 50-amp electric service. It cost me just $24 total for three nights in a very lovely setting. Not bad, eh?

After it had cooled off a little, I walked down to the lake. Most of the boaters had come in but there was one boat still out there. On the way back to my campsite I had a little chat with a lady from Louisiana. She and her husband camp here several times a year. Today some of her children and grandchildren paid a surprise visit for Mother’s Day.


This morning I sat outside at the picnic table to eat my breakfast. Several squirrels played around the table and kept getting closer and closer. Finally one of them jumped onto the table and cautiously crept toward my plate. He eyed me as if asking permission to sample the remains of my peanut butter and honey spread. Then he boldly started eating. I could hear his little teeth clicking against the plate. The sound of my camera didn’t scare him away. So-o-o cute!


This afternoon my printer stopped working because one of my ink cartridges was completely empty. I thought I had at least one cartridge of each color but, wouldn’t you know, I was out of the very one it needed. Grrrr! I rarely use color printing so I don’t understand why the colored inks are used up. They were used up even when I was scanning all my photos a few months ago. It just doesn’t make sense to me. There’s something missing from my “knowledge base” I guess.

Around 4:30 or so, a thunderstorm moved through the area. We had a very hard rain and strong lightning strike in the park, which apparently knocked out the power. I called the gate office to make sure it wasn’t just my rig that was affected. The man told me that it was the entire park and that it had been reported. I decided to have a cold sandwich for supper instead of starting my generator just to heat up a little food.

Today is my last day at Rocky Point. I’ve set my alarm for 7:00 in the morning so I can be on the road reasonably early. I have about 300 miles to drive tomorrow to Mountain View. I’ll also need to shop for groceries (for Daisy and me) along the way.

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