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To start off--Now I have a kidney infection--woe is me! I'm on antibiotics and pain pills and I am dealing with it. Just mentioning it. Don't worry. Otherwise I'm fine.

Nosy Be--pronounced Bay. Big warning here. "Day Biting mosquitos that can give one a bad case of something or other--not fatal but can make one very sick. A tender port--I didn't go ashore as the powers that be announced that the landing was very steep and slippery and not recommended for those w/mobility problems. Since I am still babying that dumb foot of mine, I didn't want to try it. Lee did go and said it was very interesting. Lots of colorful people. He bought a small bottle of vanilla extract and a couple of African-y shirts for the two of us. Said the ramp wasn't that bad.

We were supposed to go to the Camoros next day--but they cancelled that port as the harbor was too shallow for the ship so we went to Mayote--a French Protectorate close by. More day biting mosquitos. Another tender port. This didn't have a bad pier for a landing, so Lee and I ventured forward. Picked up a taxi driver who took us into the booneys. Drove like a bat out of hell and would hardly let us stop to take pictures. When we got to the other side of the lions we stopped at a resort that had a lot of the lemurs. Interesting and unique monkey like critters. We were supposed to see tortoises too, but the tide was too far out. Muslem country, but the ladies dressed colorfully--completely covered up in reds, oranges and purples all mixed together. Startling, but attractive. Temperature upper 90s and terribly humid. We suffered. Got back to the ship and into a nasty argument with the taxi driver. We had agreed to pay 50 U.S. for the cab drive and now he wanted 60. Lee can get damn stubborn when he thinks he's being "had". So in the heat and all our sweat he held firm until the driver took the 50 and cursed us good.

As I said, Mayote is French and they are on the Euro, speak a mixture of Swahili, French and Arabic. Lots of mosques. Awful lot of unemployment.

On to Zanzibar the next day--(Mosquitos, heat, humidity, unemployment, ladies in colorful garb) We had a tour booked to go see monkeys and visit a spice plantation. The monkeys were adorable--kind of redish, with a butch haircut. We were entranced. Then on to the Spice Plantation. Interesting to see how the various spices grow. I thought to buy some spices, but then I remembered that Customs frowns upon agriculture products being brought into the States. (I don't want to be responsible for new Dutch Elm disease.) Best Guide we've ever had--didn't start with the Babylonians in his speal.

Today we are in Mombasa, Kenya. We went into town w/the first shuttle bus, picked up a local fellow as a guide and he took us shopping--Got some quite nice junk. (Also the same litany--mosquitos,heat et al).

Tomorrow we will fly to Masai Mara to safari among the tall people. Will write about it when we get back.

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